Closet Child Value Packs

CC Value Packs are back!

Get a bunch of deals from Closet Child in one pack! There are many deals on prints and other items inside of every Closet Child that never make it to the blog or website. Take advantage of this with a Closet Child Value Pack and treat yourself to a bargain surprise!

Order status for packs now is:

Value Packs will take 1.5 weeks to arrive to you after placing and paying for your order.

There are three types of packs available, and they can include dresses, cutsews, blouses, skirts, novelties, accessories, socks, hair goods, plush, bags, ANYTHING! You may specify style and brand only: classic, sweet, bittersweet, gothic, otome, etc, Angelic Pretty, BtSSB, AatP, Meta, Innocent World, ETC, Milk, Moitie, etc. Unless there are some specification you feel you absolutely must include (I want you to be happy with your pack, too!).

Closet Child Value Pack M (skirts, dresses, blouses, socks, jewelry, head accessories, novelties, etc)
Contains a random selection of items suited to your taste. Includes anywhere from 3-5 items.
$139 + $18 shipped anywhere

Closet Child Value Pack L (skirts, dresses, blouses, socks, jewelry, head accessories, novelties, etc)
More likely to contain more items and/or larger items such as dresses and rare pieces. Includes anywhere from 3-6 items.
$199 + $22 shipped anywhere

Closet Child Accessories Pack (jewelry, socks, head accessories, etc)
Contains anywhere from 3-6 items. May contain Chocomint accessories as well.
$65 + $12 shipped anywhere

To place an order:
Send an email to: 
With the size of your value pack(s) and any specifications.
Or contact me with your order via Mirukuma's Facebook Page.

Past Packs:
Pictures of real CC Value Packs sent out to their lovely new owners ♥
~Please click on the photos to view a larger version.

Request: Large, Sweet, Pastel Colors, Angelic Pretty

Request: Large, Classic, Dark/Rich Colors, Alice and the Pirates