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Mirukuma Shop Services:
Please read below for our three main services.

1. Closet Child Value Packs

2. Selling lolita items at our Lace Market Shop

3. In-store shopping at all Closet Child Shops
(items spotted on Closet Child blogs, webstore, etc)
vvv Please read below for service charge details vvv

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Service Charge Details ♥
Please contact shopmirukuma @gmail.com (no spaces) to order! Or, contact me via Mirukuma's Facebook Page.
Make sure to include pictures or a link to the item page for whatever item(s) you would like to order.

Shops I service: Closet Child Yokohama, Yokohama Pokemon Center, Yokohama Angelic Pretty (in-stock items only, no reservations sorry).

The fees are as follows:
 NEW: You will only pay the price equivalent in USD.
For example, for a dress listed at ¥14,500 Yen you would pay $145 USD.
 + Amazon fees (same as PayPal fees)
 Also, when your order is ready, you will be charged for shipping from me to you (more on that and shipping options below).

Please contact shopmirukuma @gmail.com (no spaces) to order! Or, contact me via Mirukuma's Facebook Page.
Make sure to include pictures or a link to the item page for whatever item(s) you would like to order.

I'm sorry, but I no longer accept any other online, auction, or in-store shop orders. I work a full time job in Tokyo and cannot find the time anymore :(

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Closet Child Yokohama's blog can be found here:

They update almost everyday with new items!

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Other Important Details ♥

1. All orders come with a free gift. The larger the order, the bigger the gift.

2. Shipping must be paid before I will ship your items. Once you request shipping, I will direct you to your Amazon checkout page for the shipping invoice.

3. Please make all payments in USD.

4. I shop on the weekends, normally. Please understand I am very busy with work on most weekdays. If you need something quickly, I take rush orders, but charge an extra $10.00 on top of the order total. Rush orders will be bought the same day or the following day. PLEASE NOTE: I reserve the right to turn down a rush order if I simply cannot fulfill it on the day you request.

5. I make trips to the post office twice a week, normally. I work a full time job but will try to ship your package as soon as possible!

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Q: Can I do a payment plan?
Yes, I allow payment plans and/or holds of up to 2 weeks with a non-refundable deposit of $50 USD.

Q: Will I need to pay any fees if the item I ask for is out of stock?
No, there are no fees at all if your item is out of stock!

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Fee Example ♥

So, for reference~
If you order an item costing 6,500yen from Closet Child Yokohama:
$65 USD + $2.25 Amazon fee = $67.25
+ Shipping from me to you, which can be calculated later and is usually around $5 (for accessories, small items) to $25 USD (dresses, heavier/larger items).

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Shipping ♥

I usually ship via Airmail, which takes about 1.5 weeks and is uninsured, untracked. It ranges $4 - $10 for small, light items or $10 - $22 for heavier items. Large packages with many medium/large items (5+) can range upwards of $30 and are better sent via EMS.

If you wish to have tracking:
I can add tracking to Airmail packages for $8.

For EMS shipping, even small packages are around $20. So please inquire if you would like EMS rather than Airmail and I will be happy to work with you in determining a carrier.

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Please contact shopmirukuma @gmail.com (no spaces) to order! Or, contact me via Mirukuma's Facebook Page.
Make sure to include pictures or a link to the item page for whatever item(s) you would like to order.

Please note: 
I'm very sorry but I do not accept:
- Print reservation requests
- Online orders
- Auction orders
- In-store orders (except for Closet Child)

Apologies, but I am currently unable to order from mbok or any other Japanese auction sites.

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Feedback ♥

Here and here.


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