Friday, March 15, 2013

Rolianne pink made

One of my favorite stores to waste spend time in is Rolianne pink made in Shinjuku's Marui One. It is always full of the cutest and sweetest charms, jewelry, accessories, and bags!

Just recently I finally bought a bracelet that I had been eyeing since last year. It's always so hard for me to decide on what I want there, because everything is so cute, but I picked up this cute bracelet since it's very spring time colors~

Looks like gumdrop candy! And because White Day was coming soon, they included a cute little gift baggie filled with random candies and chocolates.

I tried it on with a few of the other spring-ish bracelets I've picked up recently and it matches really well I think. Super happy about my purchase and already planning what I will pick up next ;)

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