Friday, March 8, 2013

Yummy foods

I take pictures of my food basically all of the time, but never really post it anywhere, so this post will be dedicated to the best of the best. Warning! Do not read if you are hungry ;) Food-pic bomb ahead!

Chesire Cat and Queen of Hearts cheesecake at the Alice Cafe in Shinjuku. The cafe was pretty cute but none of the food was all that good unfortunately! Still, I would recommend going at least once to check out the cuteness :)

Laduree macarons at Shinjuku station. This happened right after Alice Cafe, even though I wasn't hungry at all. But when I saw Laduree I had to try one! Best. Macaron. Ever.

Random shot of yummy warmed-up croissant and hot cocoa from Vie de France. So nice on a cold day!

A friends birthday cake (tart)! It was so cute and tasted amazing!

I do eat non-sweet things sometimes! Kuppa soup from a famous yakiniku restaurant that I-forgot-the-name :P

Special ehomaki roll for setsubun holiday! This one had salmon, tuna, and ume. I ate another even bigger one later that same night with the boyfriend because he works at a sushi place and got a ton for free... and we didn't want to waste them... :P

Aaaamazing crepes from a little cafe in Harajuku. Filled with chocolate or caramel goodness. Seriously. Amazing. My friend ordered the caramel one and said it was the best thing she has ever eaten in probably her whole life. So there you go.

Tart from La Maison. These tarts always look so good taunting me from the little glass display cases, and I finally picked up a piece for me and the boyfriend's four month anniversary. I like to celebrate little things... and any excuse for a tart is fine by me :) It was delicious, of course!

My favorite taiyaki place ever can be found at the south west exit of Yokohama station, and features limited flavors every once and awhile. Right now they have sakura filling and it is amazing. My favorite so far! I wish they would have it forever.

And finally, a little piece of sakura daifuku :) It looked so cute and dainty and I've wanted to try the daifuku at the store I bought it from for awhile. The shop lady was so sweet and even offered me matcha tea while we talked. And the daifuku was delicious!


  1. i love! love! love! everything!! you're making me hungry! haha. i am in love with your blog so say hello to your new follower! hehe. i hope you can check-out mine too and follow back if you like it :))

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  2. Yummy! *------*
    I love Japan ♥
    so amazing...



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