Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Creamy Mami Signkai & Goods

Quite awhile ago, back in March, I was able to meet the lead voice actress for the Creamy Mami anime. I didn't really know the anime too well and had only seen a few episodes, but she was so cute and nice and we talked about the anime a bit before she signed a pre-selected piece of paper for me.

 Since the signkai (sign meet) I kind of accidentally became a big fan of everything Creamy Mami. After I finished watching all of the episodes, I wished I had bought more things when I had the chance at Shinjuku Maruione.

But, luckily, Maruione's online shop, as well as Lolii's online shop, have both stocked limited supplies of more Creamy Mami goods!

The hand mirror and pearl strap I had seen back in March, but didn't purchase either of them at the time.  So when I saw them both readily in-stock at Lolii's online shop I jumped at the chance!

I've been wanting a new hand mirror for awhile, to replace the W♥C Kumatan one I've had for years and years. The quality is very good and it is super sparkly~.

Angelic Pretty recently stocked more Creamy Mami collaboration jewelry as well, so if anyone is interested in ordering anything from any of the shops please check out my Japan Shopping Service details~!

And I leave you with some shots of some of the cute things I've eaten recently :D Nana's Green Tea parfait and the famous caramel Tokyo Banana (both are so delicious!) ♥


  1. you're so cute fan-girling! I'm seeing myself. ehe~ lso, soooo sooo sooo kawaii items! :D


  2. The dolls are absolutely beautiful! So lucky you got to see them~ n___n

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